Photos: Rheiderland Zeitung

The German local newspaper Rheiderland interviewed Hans van der Looij, Managing Director in Germany, and Lenny Ellenkamp, Director Sustainability for the Group. The article describes WP's initiatives, targets and ambitions to reduce our own carbon footprint, and how we help customers to reduce theirs by offering more sustainable solutions. Examples are smart and cost-effective roll-ons for deodorant, lightweight and fully recyclable dispensing closures and the Ultimate Spray System (USS), WP's latest innovation for aerosol sprays.

If plastic packaging is compared with other packaging materials, Hans explains that plastic often turns out to be the best solution. Also, the customer demand for recycled plastics is growing, which reduces the use of fossil feedstock and our customers can use this in their marketing campaign. WP's sustainability strategy and increasing business go hand in hand.

Sustainability is an integral part of WP's corporate strategy, and this is embedded in every facility. The facility in Weener, with 320 employees and 24/7 production, uses 100% green energy. Another initiative is 'Operation Clean Sweep', an international program designed to prevent and help keep plastic litter materials out of the marine environment. Of course, a safe and hygienic environment is crucial for the manufacture of packaging for food and other markets.

WP's sustainability targets & ambitions

  • Sustainable Innovations: All products to be Recyclable, Re-useable or Re-Fillable by 2025
  • Health & Safety: Improving Lost Time Accident Frequency Rate by 50% by 2025
  • Renewable Energy: Increasing renewable energy from 52% to 90% by 2030
  • GHG Emissions: Reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emission by 70% by 2030
  • Waste to Landfill: Zero waste to landfill by 2025

27 Jul 2022